First Post

And I’m off to a bad start! It’s 9:00 and i need to shower. I also plan on getting more than 7 hours asleep tonight so please excuse my crappy post.

Love, Denisse

Bow Ties DIY!(: (my first diy!)

So I need to make bow-ties for my floriculture class! We are planning a wedding and making all the floral arrangements. I was assigned to the chef team and so we decided to wear pink bow-ties as our uniform! I volunteered to make them!(:

I found some bow-tie tutorials and I changed them a bit so that the ties come out more polished (and in my opinion easier to make) , this is what I came up with:

First you need to cut your fabric, it should be twice the length you want the bow-tie to be (i want mine to be 5″ across so i cut it 10 inches, plus one more inch for kicks)

ImageImageThen you have to decide how wide you want the bow to be. I made mine 3″. you have cut it twice as wide as you want it to be. so I’d measure my fabric to 6′.Image

After you cut you the fabric you will fold it in half hotdog style! Then sew the long side only. leave the two extremes of the ‘tube’ open.Imageafter that, align the stiches in the center and you can iron to make it flat or you can leave it as is for a poofier bow(: turn it inside out.

Image^this picture shows it already turned inside out.

after that make the two ends meet and you can either insert one side into the other or you can sew them into each other. the point is to make a circle like this:Imagethis is basically the body of the bow!(: now we need to make the tube that goes in thecenter. all you need to do is take a little piece of fabric and do what you did above but in a much smaller version. the measurements i chose were 4″ long and 2” wide. to me the length did not really matter because all it really has to do is wrap around the center of the bow. four” actually wraps around the bow too much so I would say make it a little shorter.Imagethen fold you bow like this:

Imagemeasure out how tight or loose you want the center part to be and then make it  a tube (same as the bow). then slide it in!(: then tada you got yourself a cute little bow(: you can attach it to your clothes by using safety pins of attach a hair pin whatever you like(:

Imagemy mom insisted on me photographing it by her flowers!

Here is the tutorial I used as a guide, but like I said before I changed and skipped many of the steps! It’s basically a complete different tutorial but the building blocks of it came from here:

THIS IS MY FIRST TUTORIAL BY THE WAY(: feedback would be greatly appreciated(:

Slippery Slope

I’m forcing myself to make progress on my essay

>If I don’t then I won’t allow myself to post on my blog

>If I don’t post on my blog, then my blog will be boring

>If my blog is boring then no one will follow me

>If no one follows me then I’ll think I suck

>If I think I think I suck then I’ll give up on blogging

>If I give up on blogging then I’ll probably give up on my other hobbies

>If i give up in my other hobbies then I’ll have nothing to do

>If I have nothing to do then I’ll spend hours on the internet

>If i spend hours on the internet I’ll find cool new ‘diy’s

>If I find new ‘diy’s then I’ll want to try them out

>If I want to try them out I’ll remember the time I tried blogging – & failed

>If I remember about my failure I’ll be discouraged and I’ll continue to live in a loop of boredom

>If I continue to live in a loop of boredom then I will die sad

therefore I’m going to read all night so that I can write my essay tomorrow.


well it’s not that school keeps me busy.. but it makes me soo lazy! I never post anything and on weekends all I want to do is sleep and thrift.. But I am definitely going to try to post more and try to do more things on a daily basis so that I can post about them! This was one of the reasons of making this blog! To have a drive to do something interesting everyday so that i have something to post!(:

and well here’s a photo of me falling off of some monkey bars… This should make up for my lack of commitment?(:Image